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*Our Professional Performing Artists have a wide variety of skills and talent, including:  Acting, Singing, Modeling, & Dancing! We also have Impersonators and Amazing Improv Talent, as well as, Holiday Caroling Groups, Professional Musicians, & More! 

We LOVE taking
Special Requests for NEW Characters & Experiences.  Creating something new can help enhance your party or event theme and elevate your guest experience!  Please send in your request and include your ask for help in creating these unique experiences.  Suggest them in the "Other Details" section at the end of your Event Request.

Magical Characters, Princesses, & Villains

Example New Princesses & Villains Genre Characters that could be requested! 

  • Mermaid Sea Witch, Villain Stepmother, Villain Stepsisters, Sleeping Beauty Villain/Villain Fairy, Evil Queen/Snow Villain, Rapunzel Witch Mother, Ice Villain Hans, Villain Cruel Ella, Villain Cruel

  • Tinkerbell Fairy Friends (Water, Spring, Fall, Winter, Wind)

  • Dark Hair Cinderella, New Little Mermaid, Dragon Princess, Arabian Prince Al, Beauty Prince, Sleeping Prince, Snow Prince, Cinderella Charming Prince, Mermaid Prince, Male Mermaids, Mermaid King Triton, Casita Cousins, Rapunzel Flynn, Ice Harvester Prince, Ogre Princess, Ogre Hero/Character, Atlantis Princess & Explorer

Popular Superhero Genre

Example New Superhero Genre Characters that could be requested! 

  • Bat Joker, Bat Harley, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Bat Girl, Two Face Villain, Penguin Villain

  • Thor Hero, Panther Hero, Strange Wizard, Red Witch, Agatha Witch, American Hero Girl, Spider Girl, Spidey Friends, Captain British Hero Female, Alien Green Hero Female, Rocker Space Hero, X Comic Hero Characters (Rouge, Fire Bird Girl, Beast Kid, etc), Star Fire Girl

  • Pink Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Ranger Villain

  • Incredible Woman, Incredible Girl, Incredible Boy, Space Bounty Hunter


Movie, Pop Culture, & Halloween Impersonators

Example New Movie, Pop Culture, & Halloween Genre Characters that could be requested! 


  • Mary Nanny, Wonderland White Queen, Wonderland Rabbit, Tarzan & Jane, Peter Pan & Lost Boys, Pirate Red

  • Poke Trainer Girl, Poke Rocket Team, Space Aliens, Sailor Moon Girl, Sailor Scout Girls, Video Game Characters

  • Fall/Halloween: (All Halloween Characters are kid friendly!) Adams Girl Goth, Adams Friend Girl, Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Cousin It, Vampire Queen, Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, Wolf Man, Nightmare Sally, Nightmare Jack, Beetlejuice Guy, Beetlejuice Girl, Monster Teen Girls & Guys, Teenage Witch

  • Hollywood Icon Comedian, Hollywood Icon Monroe, I Love Lucy, Flintstone style Characters

  • Oz Dorothy, Oz Lion, Oz Tin Man, Oz Scarecrow, Oz Wizard, Oz Witch Glinda, Oz Witch Green

  • Doctor Indy Jones, Future Boy, Future Doc, School Frizzle Teacher, Dino Trainer, Archeologist, Paleontologist, Scientist 

  • White Wizard, Wizard Kids, Evil Wizard Villains, Wizard School Headmaster, Wizard Teachers



Specialty Talents & Winter Holiday

Example New Holiday & Special Talent Genre Characters that could be requested! 

  • Fall/Halloween: (More Halloween Options in Movie Genre Characters) Living Ghost CharactersHoliday Scareolers

  • Winter/Christmas: Holiday Carolers, Elf Buddy Girl, Train Conductor, Nutcracker Characters (Ballerinas, Tin Soldiers, Prince), Snow Queen Classic, Other Grinch Who Characters, Winter Fairy, Jack Frost, St. Nick, Father Winter

  • Spring/Easter: Easter Bunny Male or Female (face character), Spring Fae Characters, Tooth Fairy

  • Living Statues, Historical Figures, Silly Clown Male, Singer Female, Singer Male



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We've now partnered with Plush Party Palace in Lima, OH!

Plush Party Palace offers a variety of spa and party services and a 


PERFECT for any Princess Party, Spa Party, Wedding Shower, Baby Shower, Girl's Night, and so much more!   

Click the "Spa" image of Plush Party Palace to book their
venue space.  


We are pleased to provide princess and character party and event entertainment. Please note that

it is not our intention to violate copyright laws. Our characters are not name-brand, copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic and we can only present characters to audiences and booking clients who are fully aware that we do not represent any licensed character or figure. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the company/copyright holders.

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